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Intellectual Property 

(a)    Copyright 

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This Website contains graphics and other visual representations of products protected by copyright and/or the Designs Act and equivalent laws in other jurisdictions. Euro Lanka takes active steps to protect its rights in its designs and strictly enforces these rights pursuant to the applicable laws. 

Making electronic, or other, copies of products displayed on this Website with the intent of reproducing them in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. 

Purchases and Payment 

Customers must provide Euro Lanka with complete and accurate details when making purchases. Euro Lanka is not liable if we are given an incorrect delivery address at the time of purchase. Any additional expenses in correcting the order are the responsibility of the customer. 
Costs related to international orders are calculated using an integrated currency converter. Euro Lanka is not responsible for varying currency conversion rates charged by customers’ banks. 
Customers will receive an invoice confirming the order once Euro Lanka receives payment. Some orders may be subject to fraud checks by Euro Lanka staff, this means you may be required to provide additional identification to verify your transaction. 


Euro Lanka takes every measure against credit card fraud. If we suspect that a customer’s order may be fraudulent, we will contact the customer to confirm certain details. If the customer refuses to respond with the required information within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order.  


Euro Lanka reserves the right to cancel any order if we are unable to provide the requested products. Customers will be immediately contacted in these cases. 
Euro Lanka is not liable to compensate for any loss, expense or inconvenience customers may face as a result of cancellation. 

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